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AUM Real Estate Company is one of the leading real estate and a brokerage company based in Dubai, U.A.E specializes in Commercial and Residential properties. Although a young medium sized firm, it was founded by well experienced and motivated staff in the real estate industry and the key persons have been working for many years in the business.


We’re a team born out
of a passion for customer satisfaction

We’re a team born out
of a passion for customer satisfaction


AUM Real Estate Company is a fully fledged and well organized brokerage company and is able to offer full service and assistance to all our Clientele. We also tailor made services to our clientele and good rapport with all the Broker and Real Estate Company in Dubai, we offer very competitive and attractive rates to all our clientele.

We have for the last few years specialized in the leasing and selling of residential properties as well as offices all over Dubai and all related activities. We act as intermediary between the sellers and buyers and attempts to find sellers who wish to sell their properties and buyers who wish to buy properties under the best terms.


The person behind
the project



Mr. Deepak Batra

You just need to have the passion to achieve and the fire in your heart and belly to get to where Mr. Deepak is, standing tall viewing the rest of the world. Mr. Deepak Batra is a dynamic and an inspirational entrepreneur, with business expertise of more than 20 years in varied fields.

Mr. Deepak like many came in 1999 to UAE with a dream of achieving all his dreams. He started with a small electronic shop as a one small business venture which slowly grew and mushroomed into multiple business forays like Real estate in 2006 and then establishing a flourishing and super successful law firm along with diversifying into fashion in 2016. His forte today clearly lies in Real Estate, Finance, Trading, Commodities Trading and F/X Trading.

A Dubai land Department commercial Trustee for India , Mr. Deepak has consulted with number of companies who turned to him  seeking strategic growth in his area of expertise .

Mr. Deepak has an established track record for knowing the pulse of the market and  identifying early market opportunities and strategic growth opportunities supported by key relationships in banking, finance and general corporate development.He has significant understanding and a proven track record in commodities trading,  right from procurement, supply chain operations and distribution making him a much in demand all rounder.

Mr. Batra’s core strength lies in managing risk for the group by evaluating all aspects involved and mitigating the financial risk through hedging, legal risk and regulatory risk. He has experience of Commodity Trading in regions like M.E.A., Brazil, India etc. The passion of doing something different and creating a unique opportunity offering the best of its kind is what has inspired Mr. Deepaks’ latest foray into healthcare.


We work with
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Charles Bentley

Land & Developer

Horizon Homes

Property management


Real Estate Developer


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